Interview: Getting To Know Kieran Ryan

kieran ryan

Singer/songwriter Kieran Ryan tells a little bit about himself (and a little bit about Sir Francis Drake as well):

I am in a van, writing this on my iPhone, driving to a motel in Albury to stay en route to a show tomorrow night, the night Tony Abbott will probably become Australia’s Prime Minister.

My album is the end result of a long process, many discarded pages, trials, time, collaboration, recording.

Home is Carlton North, Melbourne. A great place. Also a bit of a bubble; it’s own little world. You can forget what the rest of the world is like.

I’m currently listening to Buddy Holly on country AM radio. They’re playing song after song. Bloody great.

I spend too much time reading things on my iPhone and haven’t read a proper book for too long.

It might surprise people to learn that Buddy Holly may be a descendent of Sir Francis Drake. I just read that and found it surprising (although possibly not true).

My tour will be a series of, hopefully, good shows. With any luck, worthwhile for those that come to listen. I’ll give it a good shot!

If you are in Melbourne, then check Kieran out this Saturday 14th September at the Workers Club. Tix are $10 + BF // via Workers Club