Vote for us in the Blogster Awards


Get your best frock dry-cleaned because we’ve been nominated for an award! Yes indeedy, for the first time since we were Highly Commended in an under-sevens colouring-in competition, we’ve been recognised for our awesomeness. We’re up for a Pedestrian Blogster Award, and you can help us win it!

All we need from you is to follow THIS LINK and throw us a cheeky Facebook Like where it says “Yeah Blog!” It literally takes one second to do.

Why vote for us? Well, firstly, because you’re nice and kind and you have impeccable taste. Oh, and did we mention that you are incredibly attractive too? Secondly, we reckon we deserve your vote because we’ve worked mega-flipping-hard over the last year to throw interesting stuff at your eyes on a daily basis as a music/art/film/fashion/culture website that approaches things from a different angle, rather than just copy-and-pasting the latest press releases. We don’t care about celebrity, we only care about talent and we want to share our words, our photos, our videos and our art with you, as well as pointing you in the direction of music that we reckon you might dig.

Over the past year, our team has grown to the point where we now have over 60 contributors from Sydney to LA via Berlin, London and heaps of other places in between. We’ve covered countless gigs and festivals, including SXSW, The Great Escape and The Berlin Festival. We’ve been to Fashion Weeks and written about burgers, politics, vaginas, drugs, books and guns. Our story about how to order drinks while retaining some manners went mega-viral and has 4k Likes and counting.

Anyhoo, Voting concludes on Wednesday 25th September and the winner announcement will be on Friday 4th October 2013. If you VOTE FOR US, we’ll love you forever.