Interview: Getting to Know Madeline Kragh

madeline 6 caught up with New York-based Madeline Kragh to find out more about her modeling career, her incredible capacity to keep diaries, her music tastes and what she spends too much time doing. Here she is, in her own words:

I am a model, in love, a scrapbooker, fun and friendly, sometimes neurotic, usually late, very appreciative of the small things, glad to be me!

madeline 4Modeling is something I have always been good at. I have worked really hard. I tend to micro-manage myself, which I think has kept my career moving forward even when the market gets slow.

I’m always working on working. I also love the camera. I love playing the game, fussing in front of the camera.

I love the industry, though it can be tough; I like the challenge. And it opens a lot of doors if you keep connections, are pleasant to work with, know when to offer more than just being a model and know when to just be a model.

Aside from modeling I am very active. I do a lot of arts and crafts. I write in my diary (diaries). I have a music diary, a daily diary, a therapy diary. Scrapbooks of my life, me and my boyfriend.

All my walls in my house are totally collaged. I like to paint but I haven’t painted in a long time.

I love to rock climb and hike but I haven’t done that since I lived In Arizona. I like cleaning and I like to take care of my boyfriend. And I spend a lot of time making little presents for people.

madeline 5Home is where my boyfriend is and where my clothes are.

I’ve never been to Africa or India. Or burning man. All on the TO DO list.

I spend too much time cleaning.

I’m currently listening to RATATAT, ambient music, Die Antwoord, always Bob Dylan and books on tape… right now: ‘The Count of Monte Cristo”.

It might surprise people to learn that I don’t drink. I call my parents every day. I sleep with four stuffed animals in my bed (poor boyfriend is smothered!).

My favorite food is Pho, a Vietnamese soup.

My Facebook is Madeline Kragh.

My Instagram is @Madelinekragh.

I have a blog. Check it out!! It’s Fashion, Art and Design: FASHIONFUGAZIN.BLOGSPOT.COM

I am with APM Models in New York. They are hot and rising quickly and we are called the “good girl agency.” Ha, I’m not a good girl! APM Models Rocks!

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