New Music: Glassmaps, Inner Place

Glassmaps is the pseudonym for Berlin-based/Australian born, singer/songwriter Joel Stein, who you may better know as the guitarist from Howling Bells. We have nothing but adoration for the Bells here at Something You Said, so are really interested in Stein’s new project.

Inner Place,┬átaken from his home sessions, is really beautiful and comes with a story. It is thus: “I was walking to the tram stop one day and saw a scraggly haired man standing all alone with his cello on his back. I screamed after him as he was heading for the tram and told him how I needed a cello player for a few songs I’d just written. A little startled and scared by my enthusiasm, he took a step back and said in an unsure voice ‘Why don’t you just send me the songs and we can take it from there?’ I sent him the songs and he was pleased with what he heard, thankfully, and we now play together regularly and of course on these sessions. Because of Sam I was introduced to my band whom I am now playing shows and recording an album with in Berlin. Thanks Sam for not running away.”

If you like what you hear, then you can follow Glassmaps on Facebook.