Music video: Brendan Maclean, Winner

Here at Something You Said, we can’t get enough of Sydney’s god of camp, Brendan Maclean.

After a big year releasing his highly-acclaimed single, ‘Stupid’, Brendan has returned with another tongue-in-cheek lead-up, ‘Winner,’ which takes an unabashed look at how it feels to be on your knees in the music industry. Recent finalist in the SOYA music awards and returning from a slew of shows with Amanda Palmer, we hope you think Brendan’s new track is as much of a Winner as us.

“Winner is all about being a loser, basically. I think it’s fairly common amongst musicians to compete with each other, even if we are friends. It’s like we are wired to assume everyone is going better than us. We watch each other’s social media updates and are certain they truly are flying out of our ball park. The truth is often everyone is bullshitting everyone. Do you really think anyone is going to post about a shitty unattended gig? Exactly. We all have crap weeks, months, years, even Lady Gaga.”

The video was created by team Brian & Karl who made ‘Stupid,’ and the crew was nicked straight from Andy Bull’s latest ‘Baby I Am Nobody Now.’

‘Winner’ was produced by Paul Mac and is Brendan’s best impression of Silverchair doing their best impression of Queen.



Words by Jack Colwell.