Art: Lexi Land’s Illuminating Darkness

Lexi LandWe recently checked out Lexi Land’s new exhibition, Illuminating Darkness, a mixed media exploration of life, death and self with a sensuously eery edge.

Upon entering the gallery space, audience members were given flashlights to explore the unilluminated darkness. Heightened by the expanse of mirror in the centre of the room, the art on show seeped through crossing torch light and came to life in a sinister and innovative way.

Lexi Land has some heavy duty artillery in her artistic arsenal. Drawing, collage, photography, projection and installation were all employed in Illuminating Darkness. Though tucked away in the far corner were pieces that many, including myself, touted as favourites. Anatomical pencil drawings of decomposing figures which typified the visceral, provocative and darkly sexual tension of Land’s work.

The hints of gothic luxury in gold gilt frames and long-stemmed red roses were an ambient touch to the art on show. As were the many Gentleman Jacks which kept the hybrid crowd of poor art-school students and cultured successful in good spirits (no pun intended).

Though frequenting many art shows, I’ve found few have the holistic and all-encompassing effect of Illuminating Darkness. The different practices showed the artist’s potential to extrapolate her ideas across mixed media. And these ideas are ones that stay with you after you leave.

Click the thumbnails below to get a look at some images from the exhibition.

The Exhibition runs in Sydney until 25th October at Leonard Mattis Studio, 8 Fitzroy Place, Surry Hills. More details here.

Tues/Thursday 10am – 8pm
Wed/Fri/Saturday 10am – 6pm

bianca cornale


Words by Bianca Cornale