Music Video: MT Warning, Youth Bird

Australian band MT Warning have been buzzing on’s radar for some time now (do radars buzz? Dunno. Well, whatever, you get the idea). They’ve just dropped a new clip for single Youth Bird, directed by Taylor Steele, which we thought we’d bring your attention to.

The clip aims to emulate how frontman Mikey Bee recorded the song – all in one night, playing all of the instruments. 
He said of the clip: “It’s a celebration as much as a sneer at the coveted nature of youth. It came about super quick as I plucked a bass line and howled a melody into a mic on the other side of the room. From there I laid drums, guitars, broken keys and sang about that eternal chasing of the tail.

 It’s something I find fascinating that no matter what age we are at, we interact with ourselves like we are something that doesn’t change.”

MT Warning are playing next year’s Laneway Festival. Check out the ace line-up here and follow the band on Facebook.