Video: Morgan Visconti, Can’t Say Goodbye

How cool are your parents? Pretty cool? Well, sorry, but they’re not cool in comparison to London-born composer and songwriter, Morgan Visconti. He is the son of Tony Visconti, producer of Bowie albums ‘Space Oddity’ and ‘The Next Day’, and Mary Hopkin, famously one of the first recording artists to sign to The Beatles’ Apple Records. So, until your folks are at the helm of some sweet Bowie LPs or hanging with the fab four, then Morgan Visconti trumps you, I’m afraid.

That’s not to say he’s riding on his folks’ coattails. Just like Duncan Jones, this chap has got heaps of talent of his own. Living in Brooklyn, each year he composes dozens of scores for TV commercials through his music production company, while still finding time to rattle off crackers like this collaboration with copywriter and friend Erin O’Connor. The lyrics, by O’Connor, are about a stifling relationship and the apathy that goes with wanting to break free. The video sets a domestic soap opera in deep space, stranding two lovers on a barren, ice moon with no hope of escape… from each other.

‘Can’t Say Goodbye’ will be released in advance of Visconti’s forthcoming album ‘Ride’ early next year. Keep up to date with Morgan on Facebook.