Music: The Presets get mashed with J&B

On Wednesday J&B Whisky put together a little mixer, one-part whisky and one-part Preset, together it combined a mash-up explosion.

So what was it all about? Well J&B whisky have just released their new ready-to-drink creation, served in pop-art deco cans with two taste bud explosive flavours, sparkling apple and ginger ale and lemonade. I took it upon myself to try them first, make sure there not poison and whatnot, and I can ensure you that they are a delightfully refreshing drink, perfect for summer.

The selective event took place at China Heights, Sydney in a small white room with colourful pops of J&B advertising while drinks and appetisers where always at arm’s reach.

presets 2The men of the hour, The Presets, were there at 6:30 sharp and floated around the room posing for photos with anyone one that asked. At around 7:30 the revealing of the ever-anticipated Mash-up premiered. Delivered as a video, The Presets shared the story behind the whole collab with J&B along with the musical inspiration and ideas, the Mash-up includes the world-renowned tracks ‘My People’, ‘Talk Like That’ and ‘Are You the One’.

They describe making the mash-up as ‘seeing their life flash before their eyes’ the way the songs fit like ‘musical partners’ even being up to ten years apart.

As quick as it all happened it was over as everyone went back to socialising and drinking.

Despite The Presets being one of Australia’s biggest dance duos, there was no crazy party antics like doing coke off strippers or making drunken fools of themselves, just a pleasant, civilised evening with everyone on their best behaviour and an awesome way to spend a Wednesday night.

The Presets’ J&B Mash-Up track will be available from today for exclusive streaming via the J&B Australia Facebook page, where fans will also have a unique opportunity to enter a competition to win an end of semester gig from the band.



Words by Sara Potter.