Interview: Getting To Know Traci Dupilka

traci 5.png caught up with New York-based model and DJ Traci Dupilka to find out what’s currently on her turntable and about how being naked with three other models isn’t as much fun as it sounds: 

I am a model DJ. I have been living in Manhattan for over eight years. You can definitely call me a New Yorker. It’s the best city in the world! I am also a mommy to an adorable puggle named Atlas. He’s four months old and I’m a little obsessed. I am a hustler in this great city, work hard, play harder. I am in love with progressive vocal house, deep house, underground house. Lots of houses, lol.

Modeling is my first love. I started very young, did all the runway shows back home (St.Louis, Missouri), all the Dillards catalogs you could find, and every bridal job out there, ha! Modeling has been good to me and bad to me. It’s a love/hate relationship. I love getting dressed up, makeup done by an amazing artist, and taking beautiful pictures by the most amazing photographers who capture you at the best and perfect moment. I hate when you’re stuck in a small area naked with three other models trying to rush so the client doesn’t complain (boy’s dream I know). I owe my modeling days to my sweet mother. If it wasn’t for her I would’ve never started this journey. She encouraged me to travel to NYC at 18 to pursue my dreams. She is and always will be my #1 fan.

Modeling is fashionable and fun. I get to wear clothes I would never pick out for myself. It let’s me be a different person for the day. I love that. Modeling is a traveling love. I would’ve never traveled to Milan and Paris at such a young age. It has given me so much. Modeling is having a great agency who gets you and where you want to go. My agency has been there through thick and thin. It’s a marriage almost….

traciDJing is my passion. It’s my everyday love. I listen to music all day either on my headphones on the train to a job or casting – finding new tracks to play for the night – or at my job playing my mixes for the client ha. DJing is the most fun I have ever had. I get to go to a club or party or whatever it and set the tone for the night, make people dance, party their asses off, and make them have the best night possible. I love seeing people dance and sing to the songs I play. When the crowd’s arms are in the air I feel at ease knowing I have done something right.

DJing is a high and better then any drug. I leave feeling excited and pumped and wanting more. It’s always hard going to sleep after those big nights. DJing is a travel love also. I DJed Miami swim week a couple months ago, WMC (winter music conference) in Miami in March which was the biggest party scene I have yet to play. Thats an honor. I have travelled to Chicago few times and hope to keep the traveling going!

My current favorite tracks to play when I DJ are: Everyday – Eric Prydz, Thinking About You – Calvin Harris, If I Lose Myself Alesso remix – One Republic, Take me – Tiesto, Animals – Martin Garrix

Aside from modeling/DJing I relax! I take the time to catch up with my friends. I don’t just DJ at night. I am constantly updating my website, soundcloud with new mixes, my fan page on Facebook etc. I like a good glass of wine with girlfriends out gossiping having fun. We like to hit Finale, SL, Catch rooftop, and The General. Just party and dance the night away.

traci 2

It might surprise people to learn that I like to also be a home body. I enjoy a night in watching trashy TV and eating junk food. I love just playing with my dog, and cooking dinner. Love to cook! I’m a big hostess. Love having friends over.

I spend too much time going on Instagram. I’m addicted. I check it before sleep, first thing I do in the morning. It is entertaining. Also probably too much time watching Real Housewives of Orange County, New Jersey, and Beverly Hills, lol.

In the future I hope to DJ at some big music festivals, Europe, and more around the states. I think I would be great at some fun college party clubs. I can relate, they would enjoy my kind of music, and know it more than other DJ’s tracks. I play for more of the people. They can sing along and know the tracks. Not ravey drug music. Fun upbeat dance music. Should be FUDM instead of EDM, ha.

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Traci is represented by APM Models in NYC. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter and hear her mixes on Soundcloud.

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Interview by Bobby Townsend.