Video: Sally Seltmann, Needle in the Hay

Never before has there been such creative use of a pink lambington! The ‘psychodelcious’ video for Needle in the Hay features candy explosions of Wonka proportions. The song, by award-winning songstress Sally Seltmann, tells stories of following your heart and of new journeys through life. It was plucked from Seltmann’s soon-to-be-released album, which features creative collaboration with Bree van Reyk, who has worked previously with Paul Kelly, Synergy Percussion and Holly Throsby, along with musician Michel Rose; the album will hit stores early next year.

The video for Needle in the Hay, (which is definitely not an Elliott Smith cover, by the way) is fittingly titled ‘The Sugar Mountain’. It was conceived by sweet fiend Isobel Knowles and the final result is an evolved product of a project undertaken by Melbourne’s Schoolhouse Studios in 2012. The studio’s initial work was described as a ‘lo-fi Wondkaland’ where participants could roam the space, collecting as many treats as their arms and bellies could hold. Amazing, right!? Now watch the video and become mesmerised by twirling sponges and dancing cake-pops.

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Words by Carol Bowditch