Kick start the Cat Skin film project

Cat Skin is a film project created by an enthusiastic group of talented young things from Brighton. The film follows, within close range, the troubled tale of a photography student and her pursuit of love.

catThe protagonist, Cat, is self-reliant due to troubled family situations. She keeps to herself, remaining on the fringe of the usual social college life. April, a music student at her college, captures her attention and Cat becomes infatuated with her classmate. The pair are dissimilar in their personalities, Cat introverted and April overwhelmingly popular and outgoing, but Cat is willing to pursue her, by any means. She captures April from afar on film, but the distances between the pair soon reduce and the girls become close friends.

The project has been in the works for four years; the story conceived by a simple drawing of the character Cat (pictured right). A moody image of a girl with headphones and a camera hung on the wall of creator, Daniel Grasskamp for weeks until a second image of another woman, who would become the character of April, was pinned side-by-side and the story grew from there.

The film currently stands as a beautifully shot short, bravely made on a shoe-string student budget, captured over a mere long weekend (check out the trailer above). However, determined to develop the story of Cat and April beyond the limits of a short-film, Grasskamp wishes to revisit the project, extend it to a full feature-length and have it feature on the big screen at an International Film Festival.

If you would like to learn more about Cat Skin or potentially back the full-length project in the future, (even a single  £1 would do wonders) please head to the projects’ Kicktsarter page.

Words by Carol Bowditch.