Film review: Patrick is highly recommended


After killing his mother and her lover some years previously, Patrick is the comatose patient in a remote, private psychiatric clinic.’s Tammy Potakh braves her fear of horror movies to check it out:

Director Mark Hartley bravely took onboard the task of remaking the forgotten 1978 gothic thriller of the same name and, while it can be difficult to revive a movie that has long been forgotten – this movie was well put-together. I absolutely despise the genre of horror – in amusement park haunted houses, in job interviews (the horror being unexpected questions that I have not prepared answers for) and especially horror films. All that being said, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and I’m not ashamed to admit that it probably had something to do with the fact that Patrick (Jackson Gallagher) is a total babe (albeit a psychotic and selfish prick).

Some of the things that made this movie enjoyable:

A brain-dead teenager wants a hand job
Several jump scare moments to make you shit bricks in your seat, followed by well executed dry humour to “soften the blow” so to speak
Smooth scene transitions
Babes babes babes babes

Oh, and Rachel Griffiths was in it and she’s a great actor. Her performance was flawless in this film. Thriller is an unfamiliar genre for her to partake in, having mainly been involved in dramas and comedies in the past. She herself was a huge fan of the original film, so when her agent offered her a role in this remake, she was thrilled (pun intended) to get involved. Last year was her quote unquote “fuck it” year and so she jumped onboard with zero inhibition.

Patrick is in selected cinemas from October 17th and is highly recommend – even if you’re not one who enjoys pooping in the cinema.



Review by Tammy Potakh.