Music Video: Lily and Madeleine

Let’s be honest, there are certainly several worse things that could be uttered about a band than, “They’re a bit like First Aid Kit.” Introducing Lily and Madeleine who bear several strong resemblances to the Swedish sisters.  They are also teenage siblings and purvey the kind of folk loveliness that has led to such comparisons.

For the above video, they travelled south from their hometown of Indianapolis, Indianna to Nashville, Tennessee to express the adventure and possibilities of love and friendship versus the insecurity of doubt. “The lyrics about relationships aren’t limited to love; they can be just as much about family and friends. We want everyone who hears the songs to relate to them,” Madeleine told us.

Their 11-track album hits the shelves in November. Of the project, Madeleine comments “The new album reflects on our experiences as we grow as artists; looking both back to the places we’ve visited growing up for inspiration, and looking forward to our hopes for the future. This project really feels like our own, and we’re so grateful to those who helped us create it.”

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