Top 10 craziest ever proposals

Before your dream wedding can flawlessly unfold there must be a proposal. And after too many Hugh Grant rom-coms during our teenage years, we’ve all come to expect the perfect engagement. It isn’t just about love, actually, with more and more grooms-to-be opting to publicly pop the question in an outlandish way. We’ve rounded up the 10 craziest wedding proposals that are bound to shock, surprise and possibly inspire you.

1. Zero-G proposal
In space no one can hear you scream, but it turns out you can get engaged. A New York man planned the perfect mission to propose to his space-nut girlfriend. He couldn’t quite get down on one knee, as he popped the question during a zero gravity flight, but we can presume the honeymoon was out of this world. (Source: HuffPost)

2. Tweeting the question
It turns out Twitter is more than just a place to share with the world what you had for breakfast. One tweeter asked his girlfriend to update their online status on the micro-blogging site, becoming the first-known Twitter proposal. It might all seem a little low-key, but it’s a proposal with plenty of character – just in less than 140. (Source: Wired)

parachute3. Parachute proposal
As if leaping out of a plane at 15,000 feet wasn’t enough of a rush, one adrenaline-junkie boyfriend asked for his girlfriend’s hand mid-skydive – hopefully after she’d opened her parachute. As they glided toward the beach, the pre-scribed words “Marry me” came into full view on the sand. Talk about a leap of faith. (Source: The Chronicle)

4. One down, two across
Crosswords are usually something done alone, however one man used the platform to propose. Working with a crossword writer at The Washington Post, he crafted the ideal puzzle – complete with his partner’s hometown and other helpful hints – before the final required word was “willyoumarryme” (pictured below). Then he dropped to one knee, after literally spelling it out for her. (Source: The Stir)

5. Ice, ice baby
It seems celebrities aren’t immune from the over-the-top proposal trend, with soulful singer Seal popping the question to Heidi Klum inside an igloo armed with a 10-carat diamond ring. Although, considering the couple has since split, perhaps this icy beginning was to blame. (Source: People)

crossword-full2966. Till death do us part
A husband-to-be decided before proposing to his girlfriend he’d best test out her commitment. After enlisting the help of a stuntman, screenwriter and makeup artist, he hatched an elaborate scheme to fake his own death, then played dead until his distraught girlfriend arrived on the scene. As she wept for her lost love, the boyfriend miraculously popped up and asked the question. After a stunt like that, we’re surprised he made it to the wedding ceremony. (Source: The Week)

7. Lip sync
What do you get when you combine Bruno Mars, a cast of 60 shameless friends and one head-over-heels boyfriend in Portland? Probably the best proposal we’ve ever seen. With a little help from his friends, the love-struck groom mimed his way through a Bruno Mars track, before appearing in the crowd, engagement ring in hand. We think we may have found the only time when lip-synching is acceptable. (Source: Time)

8. Silver-screen romance
One groom made a big splash when he asked his girlfriend to marry him, recruiting an entire production team to help pull it off. They put together an elaborate movie trailer and after convincing the local theatre to play the trailer, the proposal was set. A truly Oscar-worthy performance. (Source: Mashable)

9. Surprise wedding
This groom decided to save time by combining the engagement and wedding into one. His wife, who thankfully said yes, went on to be married right there and then without a say in the choice of bridal gown. Talk about moving fast. (Source: Wedding Dates)

10. Marathon man
In 2011, the Boston Marathon was the scene for a breathtaking display of love. Christopher Sussman stopped on the verge of his 24th mile, with his girlfriend cheering him on from the side of the road. He didn’t collapse after running almost 40 kilometres, instead he got down one on knee and popped the question. This one proves the age-old adage: love is a marathon, not a sprint. (Source: YouTube)

While faking your death may be taking the marriage vows a little too literally and a plummeting proposal while skydiving isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, we appreciate the great lengths a groom will go to secure his bride. Somehow we are thankful we’re not involved in the wedding planning – that’s a hard act to follow.