Interview: The Voice’s Kiyomi Vella

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We first chanced upon the beautiful Kiyomi Vella on the Australian version of The Voice. The singer with baubles in her hair brought a welcomed dosage of quirk to the programme and we were delighted. Having since parted ways with Delta and Joel, she has her fingers secured in many-a creative pie. We caught up with her to find out more about her endeavours with James Bond and her exciting fashion collaborations. 

You’re currently working on your second EP. Do you think that your time spent on The Voice has helped your creative process since your last EP?
I think my experience in The Voice has definitely helped with my creativity when it comes to my music. I was so lucky to have been able to work with the choreographers, stage production and dancers, it was an amazing learning experience that allowed me to prove to myself what I am capable of on stage. With cameras capturing everything I really learnt just to be a bigger version of myself when I perform so I’m definitely putting that into my music.

Have you kept in contact with your fellow contestants from The Voice?
I’ve caught up with a lot The Voice family Like Celia Pavey, Harrison Craig, Luke Kennedy, Alex Gibson, Michael Stangel, Katarina Torres, over coffee, lunch, at events and even bumping into each other at gigs. It’s really nice to hear what everyone’s up to and being able to have a chat about everything.

Your performances on The Voice were very captivating and theatrical; especially your rendition of It’s Oh So Quiet. Do you enjoy the performance of music as much as you do songwriting?
I love performing! It’s the reason I became a singer, to be able to express myself and explain the meaning of songs through voice and have fun! I do also love to song write, create my own meanings of things and put them into a catchy tune.

kiyomi vella

You performed quite left-of-field songs from artists like Kate Bush, Feist and Bjork on The Voice. Did you have creative control of your song choices while on the show?
I gave the show a list of songs on my repertoire so the music team and Joel knew the songs I liked to sing. I put my trust in them and I was very happy with all of the songs!

I saw that you liked to do karaoke. What’s your favourite karaoke song to sing?
There are a few! But I really have fun with Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – the Sister Act version and my sister and I had a lot of fun singing along with Kids – Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams.

As a creative, multitalented lady, how will you spend your time and what ventures will you follow in the near future now that you have left The Voice?
The show has opened up so many opportunities! I’m doing lots of different things with fashion, attending events and helping various charities. I perform at many different events such as company dinners and at shopping centres and am currently involved in The Songs of James Bond. While this is all going on I’m still working on my own music and working on some songs that will be out soon.

You have an eye for styling and fashion, and have recently collaborated with Mimco. Which Australian designers do you favour at the moment?
Yes, working with Mimco’s Creatives Collides has been amazing! I’m very excited to be working with Mimco. There’s a video on Youtube with Kiyomi x Mimco style tips for spring racing, and it features one of my songs, Eternal Dream which is on my Soundcloud.

Fashion is really creative so I also like to have fun with it. I’m a fan of Alice McCall, Romance Was Born, Grandma Funk Vintage, Aje, Shakuhachi, Camilla and Marc, Camilla, Kemissara.

Are you a reality TV show buff? What’s your favourite program to get involved with?
I am definitely a movie fanatic but I do watch Dancing With The Stars each week and boogie along with the stars! Beauty and the Geek is a funny one too.

See Kiyomi on stage performing songs of James Bond at the at Athenaeum Theatre in Melbourne, on November 8-9. Details and tickets may be found here. Keep up to date with the beauty with ‘The Voice’ on Twitter and her website


Interview by Carol Bowditch.