Art review: Sculpture by the Sea

sbts3’s Jess Matthews checks out some artwork at the beach:

Just as synonymous with Sydney as tans, coconut water and Bikram yoga and our love of the outdoors is the annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition.

Running from October 24th to November 10th this year Sculpture by the Sea is set against Sydney’s stunning coastal background. The well-trodden walking track from Bondi Beach to Tamarama is spotted with 106 unique sculptures designed to accentuate the natural beauty of our landscape whilst also displaying the creativity and talent of a number of dynamic artists, both locally and internationally based.

sbts 1While sculptors are not limited in their artistic direction, the pieces this year are heavily geared towards the impact that we as humans have on our earth and the damage which we tend to inflict, seemingly without thought.

Many of the pieces are made from recycled materials, drawing attention to sustainable living and the evolution of our society taking steps towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Several pieces capitalise on the surrounding beauty, incorporating elements of the natural landscape to help conceptualise and emphasise their meaning. However the freedom of expression for which art is renowned still applies and some pieces have clearly been designed in irony, juxtaposition or as a distinct attempt to create a point of conversation.

sbts2And, as always…. toilet humour is not forgotten.

Minister for Sport and Recreation, Gabrielle Upton, announced Stephen King (no, not that one) from Walcha, New South Wales as the recipient of the $60,000 Macquarie Group Sculpture Prize for his sculpture, titled Fallout, at the launch on Friday.

The exhibition is free to the public, so you should check out all of the pieces for yourself before it closes on November 10th.

For more details head to the Sculpture by the Sea website.



Words and pictures by Jess Matthews.