Britany Nola performs live with Gambles

Not only is New York-based Britany Nola a contributor and renowned model, but she’s now heading into the music world too. Here she tells us about her debut stage performance with Gambles:

When I was in 5th grade I entered a North East singing competition. I sang Go the Distance, from Hercules. I won second place. I also peed my pants a little when I was on stage and girls from my class wouldn’t let me live that down. Bittersweet.

Despite the pant-peeing experience, Gambles and I had talked a few times about me appearing onstage with him during his recent tour, but never that seriously. On the last night at Schubas in Chicago, he came into the green room and very nonchalantly said “sing Animal with me.” This sent me in a state of panic. Thoughts ran through my head at a furious speed, mostly negative ones, ones filled with all the ways I could fuck up. He sensed my panic and brought me to a corner in the boiler room and we rehearsed two times and then he was called on. I stayed at the back as he performed, and I contemplated running down the street until he was done, but then I heard my name and a little chanting and I said “fuck it.”

As I stood onstage waiting to sing, I was terrified. I didn’t speak because I was nervous my microphone wasn’t on, I didn’t laugh because I felt as if I might cry, but I was so happy that Matthew (aka Gambles) trusted me to come on stage with him, he looked at me right before we sang and a calm rushed over me. I just imagined us alone in our apartment singing like we always do and that made all the difference, I felt safe by his side.

Afterwards I immediately rushed to the bar and threw back two Dark and Stormy’s. A lot of people came up to me and shook my hand and complimented me, so I felt a little more at ease but I was still so anxious. Looking back on it though, it was one of the loveliest experiences I have had.

I’m now co-writing my first record with Gambles. I’m nervous but terribly excited.

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Words by Britany Nola. You can follow Britany on Facebook and Twitter