Festival Mixtape: Le Guess Who?

Le Guess Who - Google Chrome 6112013 53548 PM

Something You Said’s Carol Bowditch soundtracks her next European festival trip with a mixtape:

Every so often there comes a festival lineup that makes you regret buying that stupidly expensive beverage or lovely little clothing whatever because these funds could be used in a better, more musically-wise way. Such a predicament has met me with the Le Guess Who? festival, that’s kicking off in the thick of Northern Hemisphere Autumn in the small community just outside of Amsterdam, Utrecht. I will get there. I will. My diet will consist of prison staples for the next month to see the bands in my below mixtape play alongside the likes of Darkstar, Neko Case, Ólafur Arnalds and a favourite from back home, Hanni El Khatib.

I have loved King Khan for years and the last time I saw him play as King Khan & The BBQ Show was in Shanghai. The pair had a massive row and I thought it might be the end of the band. This time around he’s playing with The Shrines and hopefully there will be no musical qualms.

The track by The Fall featured in Skins years ago (is that cool, or not?). Anyway, I loved that belting marching-band drum ever since. The collaborative efforts of White Fence and Ty Segall have filled many an hour of listening-time during my European travels; they’re playing separate slots but I’m sure they’ll get together for some songs off their record, Hair. And finally, No Joy will be a welcome substitute from Deerhunter’s cancelled Euro dates.

Le Guess Who Mix from cbowdi on 8tracks Radio.


The festival runs over four days and I’m sure I’ll have more than enough grungy psych to see me through the remainder of the year. It’s happening November 31 to December 1, in Utrecht, a student town approximately 30 minutes outside of Amsterdam. Le Guess Who have released a creative zine with details about activities to fill your spare time in Utrecht, you can also find festival website, here.



Words by Carol Bowditch.