Music Video: Twincest, I Got One

Twincest are a Sydney-based duo of gals with super-perfect fringes and rumps. Their newest video for I Got One was shot by Melbourne filmmaker Leila Koren at Sydney’s aMBUSH studios. It features the girls looking fly in sequined catsuits being teased by the heavily jeweled trouble-making hunk, Hercules.

What I love about these genre-busting, no-shit-taking sisters (they’re not related, despite appearances and the misleading band name) is their ability to create fun pop songs with a soulful RnB edge. I Got One is a female friendly number to add to their repertoire of fellow lady loving tracks. The chorus of “hey, na-na I don’t want no shit today” is the perfect aural getter-upperer in the morning and it makes my ovaries ping with joy and want to say “Oh girrrrl, you go girl!” for no reason.

If you like what you hear, ‘I Got One’ is featured on Twincest’s EP, ‘Fuckotash‘. You can Follow Twincest on Facebook and on their website



Words by Carol Bowditch.