Party all night with ASOS

Jessie Ware by Tom Oldham for The Fly July 2012

Are you a hopeless videomaker at gigs? Arm outstretched, capturing grainy, bleary footage with horrifically distorted sound, that you are unlikely to revisit but you just have to do it because you’re there? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that ASOS are doing the hard work for you, by hosting the world’s first global online real-time houseparties in the UK, US and Australia, featuring great up-and-coming acts. They’ll capture it without iPhone sound quality or view restricted by a burly gym-goer with a gurning chick on their shoulders.

For your online viewing pleasure, there will be sets by Jessie Ware, Mount Kimbie, Eliphino and IS TROPICAL, playing at houseparties in the three countries taking part. The action will be live on 12th December. As the online party heats up with more people logging on, more features will become available via the ASOS interactive website. You will be able to navigate the party house, watch bands in the living room, take selfies in the bathroom and interviews will take place while mixing drinks in the kitchen. The more activity on the site will ‘unlock’ content as more people visit the site – so remember to bring your friends!

Here are some of our favourite tracks from the performing artists:

Jesse Ware will be headlining the ASOS All Nigher with an acoustic set accompanied by a guitarist, violinist and cellist. We’d love to hear a rendition of this song, usually a club thumper – played in an acoustic format (refresh your ears with the original minty palette cleanser above).


Eliphino is a beat-maker born in Leeds, raised in London. The young producer finds himself regularly mixing genres at his DJ sets, fusing eclectic sounds ranging from garage to dancehall, detouring to jungle beats occasionally. He’s sure to get things moving into the wee hours at the ASOS shindig.


After the release of their second record, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, earlier this year, Glaswegian duo, Mount Kimbie have been playing less gigs in grungy dives and more big festival dates, people all around the world are loving their gritty brand of electronica.


IS TROPICAL is a London-based act with a French twang, thanks to their label, the ultimate dance music purveyours, Kitsune. The band take a no-holds-barred approach to their videos, and we’re hoping that perhaps at the end of the ASOS party, if things go well, things may look a little like the above nsfw video for ‘Lovers Cave’?

The ASOS All Nighter is part of the wider ASOS #TodayIs and #TonightIs campaign. #TodayIs was launched in September and is a series of daily happenings hosted on the ASOS website designed to inspire people to make the most of every day – and night – and excite them about the twenty-fours hours ahead.

*If you were late to the party or just spaced on the date, check out what went down here.



Words by Carol Bowditch.