Stop skin cancer one summer at a time

We’ve all done it, right? Ventured to a music festival on an overcast, miserable-as-hell day without giving sunscreen a second thought, only for the sun to miraculously appear the very second we enter the festival grounds. One hour later, we’re ketchup red and in absolute agony. Similarly, we’ve all winced as we’ve walked past those lobsters at Coogee, burning themselves to a crisp, or at the leathery skinned old-timers in their budgie smugglers. Not pretty.

It is absolutely no surprise that Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, and is the most common cancer among young Australians. The rate of skin cancer grows every summer too. As the above video (which, incidentally, features contributor, Noni Cragg) tells you, two in three of your friends will be diagnosed with skin cancer at some point in their lives. It’s prolly time we did something about it, doncha think? Especially when it’s as easy as seeking shade, covering up, wearing a hat, sunglasses and using and reapplying sunscreen. Simples.

get shadyWell, Pretty Shady is aiming to empower young Australians to be part of the generation that stops skin cancer, one summer at a time. By making some simple changes, this is certainly achievable, without even avoiding the fun of summer. And if you get involved you’ll score yourself a sweet FREE T-SHIRT (while stocks last: snooze = lose). Everyone who registers also automatically goes into a competition to win some other cool stuff, including an exclusive T-shirt designed by Australia’s most famous street artist and good buddy of Something You Said, Anthony Lister.

Indeed, to help get their important message across, Pretty Shady has recruited help from five familiar faces from the worlds of fashion, music, sport and art. As well as Lister, driving the Pretty Shady campaign are: fashionista Nicole Warne, AKA Gary Pepper Girl, Pro Skater Corbin Harris, up-n-coming musical talent Gossling and Junior pro-surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey.

Between them, these freakin legends understand that your natural skin tone is gorgeous (c’mon, how hot is a porcelain complexion? phwoar!), that a hat-and-shades combo is a winner, that less is more when it comes to showing off your skin (stay classy, laydeez) and, of course, that caring about your generation and wanting to make a change is the most important thing of all.

So head over to Pretty Shady’s website and chuck them your deets to grab a free tee and for the chance to win some other cool stuff.

Like it, win it, wear it, share it and be part of the generation that stops skin cancer, one summer at a time.