Sloth Society: Tales from the Tea Room

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Sloth Society is an art collective that have been jointly creating incredible pieces for approximately two years; having met at design college and discovering common ground in music, their artistic drive, inspirations and in the wholly obligatory, unremitting love for weed. Hanging out with the Sloth Society in their early days consisted primarily of lazing about in a Burwood flat amongst the endless sketches, halfway-abandoned pieces and a litter of loose tobacco.

The wooden tabletop and windowpanes all adorned in a surfeit of surreal characters and nonsensical phrases; the Sloth Society headquarters was irrefutable evidence of a surplus of untamed, unsupervised and unreasonable amounts of creativity produced unrestrainedly by its five members, Harrison Earl, Bear, Disturbian, Mmyes and Mewwtant. However, the flat, with its shattered windows, broken bathroom door and questionable electrical wiring has now been laid to rest and the Sloth Society, with their ambitious projects and continuous artistry are proving that, beyond those walls, they are not kids anymore.

With a litany of skateboard design series, live murals, community projects and magazine features under their belts, Tales from the Tea Room is the Sloth Society’s inauguration into the exhibiting world. Drawing inspiration from street and fine arts alike, they have worked ceaselessly over the past year to produce a showcase of work that encapsulates the raw and whimsical tranquility that is entirely indicative of their style. Each artist will present its audience with a separate story, drawing on their personal themes and individual inspiration- the psychedelic nature and surrealism of their collective vision discernible throughout. This gallery debut of an artist crew rapidly carving out a distinctive name for themselves in the Sydney art scene is one that simply should not be missed.

The Sloth Society Facebook can be found here and their Instagram here. Their Gallery debut runs from November 27th until December 2nd at Kind Of Gallery on Sydney’s Oxford Street.  

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Words by Elfy Scott.