Tess Dimos Interview – Catching Up

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Ages ago, somethingyousaid.com introduced you to model Tess Dimos. We caught up with her for a conversation about her career, her TV-watching habits and about seeing herself on the London Underground:

Hey Tess! It’s been a couple of years since we first talked to you. Bring us up to date with what you’re up to these days…
It’s been a while hasn’t it? Things have certainly changed apart from I’m still modelling. I’m also taking up acting classes in central London as well as dancing. To add to everything I have splashed out on a make up kit so I’m starting to do make-up on the side too.

How is life as a full-time model? What are the best and worst sides to it?
Life as a full-time model is truly everything I ever wished for and more but like with any job, it can be hectic too. I’m enjoying every minute of it though and after years of hard work it’s starting to really pay off and I’m finally on my way to saving up for my own place in London. The best sides I guess you could say are the travel, money and the lifelong friends you meet along the way. The hardest is the fact you’re self-employed and going through receipts and invoices at the end of the month really isn’t all that fun!

tess batisteYou’ve been involved with some pretty high-profile campaigns, not least the Batiste advert which is all over the London Underground (pictured, left). How does it feel to see your face everywhere when you get on a tube?
Ahh Batiste were such awesome clients! The first time I saw it was through photos and videos friends had taken, as I was on holiday. The first time I saw it in person was very surreal as I was stood in Victoria station and four screens around me were playing the advert at the same time! I remember going into WHSmiths straight after to grab a magazine and I spotted my face on the cover of Hair Ideas. It was a proud moment!

Do you get recognised by people because of the Batiste advert?
Yes, I got recognised twice in the street, I was stood having a coffee waiting for a friend at Piccadilly and a young lad came up to me and said “hey you’re that girl that knocks on the window on the tube!” The second time was when I took a photo of the advert for my mum and a woman said “oh wow, that’s you!”. I have to admit that every time I saw it since I tried my best to avoid it in case someone would say something! Also at a lot of castings I got recognised – that’s the norm for hairdressers & models I think, they pay special attention to that sort of stuff.

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What are some of the most interesting shoots you’ve done since we last spoke?
Of course, Batiste was a highlight, they were such lovely clients and all the models and the rest of the team I worked with made those three days of hard work memorable and was a great reminder to why I’m in this business. Going to Paris with Luke Woodford & Karla Powell this summer was also amazing, I’ve known Luke for many years and we have built a strong friendship so for me there was nothing more ideal than going abroad to work with your mates! The work we produced was finally printed in a huge Hong Kong magazine called Red Razor. Gok Wan for Specsavers was a good shoot. I also fronted a campaign for Clearasil this year which was a head shot of me floating in a huge tub of milk! I didn’t smell too great after I have to add but luckily the studio had a shower. Since we last spoke I’ve been on exactly 20 covers (I shot my 20th today)! And every single one I shot was a highlight for me.

tess 6Do you have to work hard to stay in shape or are you one of these lucky people who can eat what they like and stay trim?
I guess you could say I’m lucky as my family are all skinny and eat what they like, especially my brother! I’m actually envious that he could do a Man VS Food for a living yet still be as slim as my thigh! I do go running though, when it’s not raining and cold. Also yoga and dance. My main exercise though is being on the run constantly between castings! Every model can relate to this!

What do you do with your time when you’re not working?
I spend my time watching Breaking Bad, Louis Theroux documentaries & films with my boyfriend whilst eating five bags of Twiglets. Sitting at home with my dogs is also a personal favourite. When I’m feeling slightly more adventurous I tend to head out for a boogie with my pals in London, although it takes me two days to recover!

What does 2014 hold for you?
Being self-employed, everything is a bit of a mystery, work has been good to me so I’m gonna give it my all as always. I’m starting my acting classes in January and hopefully this time next year I’ll be in my very own little abode!

Tess is represented by MOT models. You can keep up to date with Tess on Facebook and Insta.

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Interview by Bobby Townsend.