Fashion: Simone Kerr’s Lip Service

Here at, we love how we’re nestled within a community of creatives. What we love even more is when our friends and contributors collaborate. So imagine our excitement when we found out that not two, but three of our favourite people in the world had hooked up to create awesomeness.

Check out the above clip, which was directed by Something You Said’s own badass cowboy Oliver Heath. It stars two-time Something You Said interviewee and-round ballet dancing legend, Simone Kerr. And the clothing line the video promotes, Laurel & Hector Vintage, belongs to our dear friend Kee Kee. It’s great to collaborate, yeah!

All items are handmade in Sydney using fantastic fabrics & one-off accessories and there’s free shipping on orders over $300.

If the above clip doesn’t inspire you to head to the snazzy new Laurel & Hector website to grab yourself some cool threads for yourself or for your sexy lady, then you seriously need to reconsider your life choices. Get shopping here.

oliver and bobby


Video by Oliver HeathWords by Bobby Townsend.