Music interview: The Jones Rival

The Jones Rival Press 2’s Carol Bowditch chats to one of Sydney’s most up-n-coming bands:

How long have you been playing as The Jones Rival? How did you get together?
We have been playing for a few years now. I’ve known Evan since we were young and I went to high school with Dan and Shaun so we have all known each other for a long time.

How long did it take to write and record your first EP? Was it an easy process?
We had loads of fun making the EP! We have been playing the songs live for a while now and, after putting out a single just a few months before, we were keen to get back into the studio.

Who were you inspired by musically when writing and recording your EP?
The EP are songs that were all written at different times and put together as a collection, so I guess the influences vary. We like to listen to a wide range of music which I think helps with recording and drawing ideas from different sources.

You’ve played with acts like The Preatures and The Whipped Cream Chargers. Which current Australian act would you love to play with in the future?
Put us down for playing with ‘the voice, John Farnzie’ any day, haha. We did see Bad Dreems from Adelaide play a house party and they were awesome.

You’ve just finished your residency at Oxford Art Factory in Sydney, how was it? As a set that is usually followed by heavy booty jams in the Gallery space, what sort of crowd did you draw-in each week?
The crowd that turned up each week were great. I think we got them going enough to keep their booties jamming all night! We would like to thank all the bands for supporting. They really helped kick the vibe off in a great way.

Describe your band in three words…
Make you move/Booty Shakin’ Jams.

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Interview by Carol Bowditch. Photo by Colin Lucas.