How to fashion blog / instagram


Five simple (and moderately sarcastic) steps to becoming a successful fashion blogger/Instagrammer, by Liana Gow-Killingbeck:

1. Pose in a Triangl bikini – remember to suck in your thighs so you can show off your box gap.

2. Become vegan and advertise the fact you are 80/10/10. The less meat and cheese you eat, the better person you are, it’s a fact.

3. Say ‘wanderlust’ as frequently as possible, even if you only travel to Bali on occasion.

4. Wear Nike Frees and take selfies in fluro workout attire.

5. Follow a lot of people at once so that they follow you back. Once your numbers are up, make sure to go back and unfollow them all. If you follow too many people it will make you look like you’re a tryhard and therefore your reputation and ‘it girl’ status may be compromised.

Optional: If you’re serious about getting a step up in the blog/Instagram world, make sure you remember to suck up to as many industry people as possible. That way they’ll send you free clothes which you can pretend you busted your skinny ass working for when realistically, you just sucked a lot of cock.



How to fashion blog / instagram by Liana Gow-Killingbeck