Interview: Getting To Know Matilda Price

Matilda Price talks to Australian model, Matilda Price, about doing dumb dorky shit:

I’m a little all over the place and airy but also really self-sufficient. My parents brought me up to be really independent and hard-working, which is good considering I’m naturally pretty lazy! But I keep things pretty balanced, which according to the world of astrology is true considering I’m a Libra. I’m a massive skeptic and take it all with a grain of salt but I do notice some similarities (the good ones obviously). I am a lover of travel, chocolate, dogs, coffee, shoes, red wine, antique/vintage stores, comedy, tequila, dancing, the ocean, the herb (haha)! Yeah I’m gonna leave it at that. I’d prefer to define myself with who I am and what I like rather 238238-l-1354971632than what I do or where I’m from – we all focus a bit too much on that I think!

Modeling is cool I guess. It works for me because I don’t mind flying solo and not knowing what I’m doing or where I’ll be next week. I love that spontaneity of it. And I’m a bit of a commitment-phobe so I love how freely I can live my life with modeling.

Modeling also enables me to travel around to new cultures and meet a bunch of awesome characters. But it forces you to grow up quickly and understand all the Big People stuff, which is annoying but obviously a great life lesson to get ahold of early. The fashion world is cut-throat though and I’m glad I’m on the side of it I am.

It’s cool stepping into a new character in front of the camera and being involved in creating a nice picture with such talented people but I don’t really have a burning desire to remain in the fashion industry post-modeling. On that note…

Matilda 3Aside from modeling I love discovering new things… cafés and thrift stores give me such a buzz! Always on the hunt! I always wanted to open my own rad little café somewhere. I enjoy writing too – things I notice, things I feel, blah blah. I have little notebooks everywhere that I’d die if people got their hands on! I watch lots of observational stand up comedy too, which inspires me to write.

Home is bumming around Sydney, café hopping, soy lattes, Tim Tams, Fleetwood Mac, barbecues, bike riding, chilling with my best mates, abbreviating every word poss, wet pussy shots, Bondi flat rock, The Backroom Sydney, ugg boots, vodka protein shakes, fedoras, southern cross tattoos… Okay now I’m just taking the piss.

I love my home! I really notice and respect Australia when I’m overseas and realise how proud I am to be from there! We have a good attitude to life I think and just a really good system. People are taken care of down there.

I’ve never seen a Koala! I love telling that to people overseas who’ve never been to Australia and genuinely think we have Kangaroos and Koalas just hopping around everywhere. I’ve also never been skydiving but I want to do it one day! When my balls have grown just a little bigger.

matilda 4I’m currently listening to Paloma Faith. Her voice is pretty ideal. I LOVE a good voice and I get really into people. I rarely like music without vocals, especially when I’m travelling. But my playlists are always really mixed though. I have ADD. I love Lorde, Nirvana, Kings of Leon, Foster the People, Bob Marley, Aerosmith, Christina Aguilera, Amy Winehouse, Dolly Parton, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Disclosure, James Blake, Lana Del Ray, Marvin Gaye, Birdy, Norah Jones, Macy Gray, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Emeli Sande, Banoffee, Daft Punk, Nicholas Jaar, Die Antwoord, Willow Beats, Azealia Banks, SBTRKT, Drake… But aside from mainstream artists, I also love dancing to deep house in Berlin!!

I spend too much time doing dumb dorky shit on my laptop e.g. playing Sims, watching repeat YouTube clips of stand-up comedians like Louis CK and Jerry Seinfeld, reading silly celebrity gossip, watching interviews, eBay shopping, researching weird shit that has no relevance to my life. Just living life to the full basically…

It will definitely surprise people to learn that I was studying Law at university in Sydney. It surprises me too. I didn’t finish it though – just thinking about the amount of readings I had each week is hurting my brain.

In the future I want to buy a house and deck it out so awesomely with hammocks, dining table with pillows on the floor as seats, sick balcony surrounded by trees, dark purple velvet antique chairs, lots of awesome chairs actually, leopard print walls and a red front door. I want babies and pink poodles and lots of chocolate too! How I’ll get there? I don’t know yet… I’m a dreamer! It’s all a gypsy can do right now…

Matilda 2

Matilda is represented by The Society NYC and Priscillas Sydney. You can follow Matilda on Instagram and Twitter.



Interview by Bobby Townsend.