Gravity – So Good I Saw it Twice

Celebrity guest contributor, the legendary Hugh Cornwell, reviews Gravity for and discovers one of the films of the year:

Gravity is the most life affirming film I have ever seen. Sandra Bullock gives the performance of her career. Forget everything else you’ve seen her in. Witness the sexiest striptease when she gets out of her space suit when weightless. Clooney is reduced to a brief cameo next to her achievement.

No wonder people have life-changing moments whilst in space. You could get used to the silence and the weightlessness. Maybe it’s gravity that makes us all stressed, depressed and unblessed? Forget a desert island, take me where the sky is always blue and the view is to die for.

The silences in this film are deafening, and beautiful at the same time. Bullock and Clooney get the chance to hang out with God, and although it’s extremely dangerous, it’s very attractive. This is the ultimate thrill film, miss it and suffer all ye children who come into me…



Words by Hugh Cornwell. Visit Hugh’s own website here. It’s an online radio station dedicated to bringing the best of film, music, interviews and music pieces from his celebrity guests’ favourite films.