Hey you, please Steal My Photograph!

Professional fashion photographer Lukas Renlund has taken his interactive art exhibition Steal My Photograph! on the road over the last half-year with the aim of creating a real-life experience for the people who encounter it. Basically he simply invites people who pass by to steal his work. Say whaaa?

It’s true. The third Steal My Photograph! exhibition of its kind was recently held in London – one of the most surveilled cities in the world. The theme for it was clear from the very beginning; identity theft and surveillance. How much of your identity are you willing to share for something free in return?

Lukas told us, “With the London film I want to offer people a valuable and thought-provoking perspective on what surveillance feels like. It is also about the exchange itself, something for something. Two different commodities. Your identity for a free artwork. But does paying with your identity still make it ‘free’?”

Check out the above video. What do you reckon, would you have ‘stolen’ a picture?