Fashion Interview: Pip Edwards chats to Pip Edwards, Design Director of General Pants Co, a woman who pretty much single-handedly dictates what is worn to every Summer music festival and decider of cool, wearable garb for the lovely young things of Australia. She’s currently working on the ‘GIFt that Keeps on Giving’ campaign while juggling her bub, Justice, and spinning tunes as part of her djing duo, ‘Chicks on Deck’. 

How do you find time to juggle your role as full-time mum and your work schedule?
My mum is my saving grace!!! She makes everything possible and supports Justice and myself through everything, we are her top priority and I’m grateful everyday. Knowing my mum is always there for Justice puts my mind at ease, especially when my work load and schedule can get crazy, I know he is in the best hands.

When did you realize that you wanted to work in the fashion industry?
It was very apparent early on that I loved fashion. I always had a strong fashion opinion and flare at very young age. Working in retail whilst completing my university degree really kick started my passion and love for the industry.

Being part of the DJ-ing duo “Chicks On Deck”, would you say music is another passion of yours?
100%. I’m actually classically trained in Piano, Flute and Singing – did all three throughout my schooling, was music captain at school, and always love a jam session any day. I have extremely musical friends. Music is everything. It makes or breaks every memory made.

What are the perks of being Design Director for General Pants?
I love going to brand appointments seeing what collections are coming in – it’s always great to be in the know of what’s gif.pngcoming our way!!!! Also, it’s great to be a part of the exciting campaigns that General Pants creates, for example our ‘Get .GIFTed’ Xmas campaign where you and your friends can create hilarious custom .GIFs to get 20% off General Pants.

Who are your style icons?
I love Rhianna and I love Nicole Richie.

Lastly, what is going to be your 2014 mantra?
Ooooooooo. Been thinking about this a lot……Set yourself up and create the environment that you want. I’m ready for that change and ready to ride a new tide!!!! Never regret the journey that got you here.

If you think you are well versed in the art of the GIF and want to save on your next purchase at GP, head over to the General Pants’ page to find out more about their Get .GIFTed campaign. You can also keep up to date with Pip Edwards via Twitter, here

Interview by Tammy Potakh.