Free Xmas Compilation from Record Kicks


I can only imagine the amount of impromptu dance breakouts that Milan-based label and publishing company Record Kicks have had over the last decade, considering they specialise in deep funk, soul, afrobeat, rocksteady and dancefloor jazz.

To thank all those Radio Kicks fans and friends that they have gained along the way, they’re ending their celebratory 10th anniversary year with a FREE Christmas compilation giveaway. The full compilation is available from now til the 06 January 2014. The compilation of a fourteen track showcasing of the crème de la crème of the Radio Kicks’ catalogue. With tracks from Ray Harris & The Fusion Experience, The Stides and Calibro 3 with many more.

Radio Kicks had a little something to say about their ten years of operation:

“For a tiny independent label like us, 10 years is a great achievement so now please let us thank all artists of which we’ve had the honour to release their music on our label and all the artists with whom we’ve collaborated during the years, all the people that have worked at the Record Kicks office (“the bunker”) or teamed up, all graphic designers, distributors, mail orders, record shops, radio stations, DJs, booking agencies, promoters, sub-publishers and most important, all Record Kicks aficionados who bought our records during the years and helped us become what we are today. We will continue to promote new bands, support and release wax and most important keep movin’ on a groove. Thank you all for these 10 fabulous years together!”

Download the record above and have a wander around the label’s website here.



Words by Carol Bowditch