Chlöe Howl is steak and kidney pop

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Starting the New Year with nominations for both BBC Sound of 2014 and the Brits Critics Choice Awards, favourite Chlöe Howl is set to be a household name this year. Kirstie Newman tells us more:

Constantly asked if the umlaut above the ‘ö’ is an attention seeking stunt, Chlöe Howl clears up the rumours assuring us that it’s because her father lived in Germany where they always have umlaut’s above ‘o’s. Although she is sure it was meant to be an accent over the é like Beyoncé.

Signing to Columbia weeks after finishing her exams, at only 18 Chlöe is now on the same label as Peace, Little Nikki and Bob Dylan. Just seven-years-old when she first started writing music, Chlöe has gone through every musical stage possible.

Growing up she listened to her dad’s playlist on long car journeys that consisted of anything from The Smiths to Michael Jackson. At age 12, Chlöe vowed to educate herself after she received looks of horror when admitting to friends she’d not heard Wonderwall.

As a young girl singing with a British accent about real things, Chlöe says that she was expecting the regular comparisons to Lily Allen. While accepting that her music is pop, she has more edge to her sound. She stands out from the current pop scene because she doesn’t sugar-coat her lyrics therefore her songs are bursting with personality. She describes herself as ‘steak and kidney pop, it fills you up, it’s like a good meal.’

The singer let her fans preview ‘This Song’s Not About You’ a track from her eagerly awaited album earlier this week. You can hear the demo below. Despite not opting for another big pop song, it is still full of her sassy lyrics, prominent accent and a catchy hook that we’ve come to expect from her. Previously closing her sets with this when supporting Bastille and John Newman, you can expect the same when she joins Ellie Goulding on her 2014 European tour.

Her newest track, ‘Paper Heart’ was released early December. This followed her August EP ‘No Strings’ which was featured as part of the soundtrack for the movie ‘Kick Ass 2.’ Her debut album is due for release this summer.

Maybe 2014 will not only be the year Chlöe Howl becomes a household name but also the year Chloe autocorrects to Chlöe like Beyonce does to Beyoncé.

Keep up to date with Chlöe Howl at her website or by following her on Facebook. She is playing at The Great Escape in Brighton this May. Deets here.

Kirstie Newman


Words by Kirstie Newman