Treefort Music Fest looks great


Many modern festivals hardly justify their name/reputation/price. To us, lazily shoving a stage in a stadium and charging eight gazillion dollars for a beer do not a festival make. We firmly believe festivals should act as a stepping-stone for a music scene, should benefit local communities and should introduce emerging national, regional and local artists. So our ears pricked up when we heard of the wonderful Treefort Music Fest in Idaho, which basically ticks all of these boxes.

Set against vast wilderness areas, mountain ranges, clean rivers and lakes, open prairies and big skies, Idaho’s capitol city, Boise, has a music, dance, theatre and arts scene with a fresh, vibrant outlook and is also the home of Treefort Music Fest. The festival takes place March 20th-23rd in downtown Boise, and boasts a cool line-up, including POLIÇA, RJD2, DAN DEACON, BLOCKHEAD, CODY CHESNUTT, RUN THE JEWELS and heaps more.

Last year, the event took place at an outdoor Main Stage in downtown Boise, with other stages including nearby local venues, clubs and bars. Think SXSW’s little brother but which offers far less of a shitfight. Think The Great Escape. That’s the kinda vibe we’re talking. If you aren’t a million miles away from Idaho then you should totally go. Indeed, US residents can even win a flight to the festival at the Treefort website.

For more info, line-up and travel deets go to the Treefort website. General Admission 4-day wristbands, Zip Line and Secret Handshake passes are currently available for purchase. For details about Treefort ticketing options and to purchase passes, visit