Album review: Canterbury, Dark Days

canterbury-dardays-lowresThis month sees the release of Canterbury’s third album, Dark Days. Throughout their career the band have matured, they have stripped back to reveal themselves with this album and have ditched the youthful innocence that once poured from their music.

Pulling you in from the get go, ‘Expensive Imitation’ starts slow before hitting you with the heavy drums and Mike Sparks’ incredible vocals. The album doesn’t then disappoint, ‘Keep On Moving’ keeps the pace before ‘All My Life’, which takes a slower start with emotive lyrics accompanying it.

‘Satellite’ bounces with energy throughout; begging you to sing along with the La’s. Opposed to ‘Hold Your Own’ which opens with a steady piano and drum beat, drawing you in before the vocals explode for the chorus. Strong vocals, lyrics and guitars follow in ‘Think It’s Over’ which includes an appearance of the band’s other vocalist, Luke Prebble.

Into the second half of the album, ‘By The Trail’ is a simply beautiful track. Developing throughout the four minutes before ending as soothing as it started. Differing from ‘Elephant’ which starts strong and oozes power throughout.
Coming back to the calmer indie side of rock ‘Run From A Gun’ doesn’t just showcase Mike’s vocals but the strengths of the whole band as well.

Similar to ‘Keep On Moving’ and very different to ‘By The Trail,’ ‘Out From The Cold’ keeps the second half of the album strong and full of energy with lasting riffs and roaring drums. Featuring an organ and violin in closing track ‘Going Nowhere,’ the album ends on a slower tone than expected, leaving you wanting more. Which you get with an exclusive track ‘See The Sun’ available through iTunes.

Starting with the echo of a countdown followed by the piano, guitar and continual drum beat ‘See The Sun’ is everything the ending track ‘Going Nowhere’ wasn’t.

Dark Days is their first release with Hassle Records and, speaking about it, the band said “We’re excited to be joining forces with Hassle Records, who will be releasing and distributing this album. Their reputation for breaking bands such as Fall Out Boy, City and Colour and We Are The Ocean, makes it really feel like the natural choice for us.”

Kirstie Newman


Review by Kirstie Newman