Get the most from education as an adult


Education in adulthood is an altogether different experience. The moment that studying becomes voluntary, it not only acquires a new meaning but it also sees your motivations shift entirely.

With a greater level of responsibility, and with more riding on the outcome of your study, it becomes increasingly important that you find effective techniques to help you get the most from your study as it becomes more intense. Here, we look at several things you can do to get the most from education as an adult.

Know how you learn
Different people learn in different ways, responding with varying success to different techniques. For some people, simply reading and repeating can be enough to learn key materials. Other people might benefit more from working in the most practical way possible while others are motivated by sounds.

Finding the right technique for you can ensure that you are as efficient with your time as you can possibly be. This can be done simply by trying out different techniques to see which are the most effective for you. See what fits best, mix and match techniques depending on your mood… whatever works.

Choosing the right courses
While you’re sure to benefit in some way from any kind of education you undertake, choosing the right course is obviously important. If you have a clear idea of what you’d like to do after studying, it might make it easier to choose a course. Explore every avenue and allow yourself lots of time to make the right decision. For example, you might be able to join an offshore survival course at Warsash Maritime Academy. If you’re unsure of the direction in which you wish to go, it’s best to keep your options as broad as possible.

Designate your time
When you’re left to your own devices in terms of time management, it can sometimes be difficult to settle into a routine. For most people, creating a clear divide between study time and spare time is essential. If you allocate yourself clear slots for working and socialising, it will be easier for you to stay focussed and, equally, to relax when the time comes around. This doesn’t necessarily mean studying in the daytime and relaxing at night. That isn’t always practicable, but it is important to know, each day, when you are supposed to be studying and when it’s okay to be messing around on Facebook. Also, when you’re not studying or working, make the most of your time. Step away from your computer and your books. Go for a walk or hang with your friends. Time management is vital, as is not neglecting other aspects of your life.

Don’t lose sight of your goals
Nobody chooses to study without good reason. For some, it is in preparation for a job, for others it is for the pure joy of learning. Whatever the reason may be for you, it’s important to bear this in mind as much as possible in order to maintain perspective and motivation throughout your studies. Keep sight of your goals and you may soon find them within easy reach!

Most of all… enjoy your studies!