The Controllers, Regression – Premiere is delighted to premiere the brand new video clip from Melbourne-based grunge rockers, The Controllers:

Teddy bears usually comfort you in times of need, right? Like when things are proper shit. Well, what about them, huh? They have feelings too. The Controllers – a trio that emerged from lead vocalist, Zac Connelly’s parents’ garage – have brought this situation to life with their new video for soon-to-be-released track, Regression.

In the video, Teddy is heartbroken and starts breaking glasses in fury and wallowing with booze in the tub as the narrative mirrors the song’s lyrics. It’s all about fighting with mixed feelings and having to make the decision of whether to go back to how things used to be or staying unsatisfied in the current circumstances.

Still, all is not lost for Teds as he comes to accept change and life’s hiccups. It’s heavy stuff executed well from the young grunge-rock outfit.

The guys are set to play at the Espy in Melbourne at Rock The Bay on February 15th (perhaps they will bring Ted along too?). Be sure to check them out as they play with a slew of great local and far-away acts. And they’ll be hitting Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory in March.  Deets to follow, so keep an eye on The Controllers on Facebook.

Regression by THE CONTROLLERS will be released 17th March 2014.



Words by Carol Bowditch