Tour posters – Owlstation’s artwork

ford dickenson template-001

As we mentioned last week, Something You Said is putting on some joint-headline UK shows from David Ford and Jarrod Dickenson real soon. To help promote these gigs, we called upon Alice Parsons to design us some tour posters. Alice is the legend/genius responsible for the Something You Said banner you can see at the top of the page (and heaps of interesting articles within the site), so we knew we were in good hands.

You can see her poster on walls in Leicester, Edinburgh and Brighton at the moment.

As for these gigs, well, they are going to be as lovely as the posters. David Ford’s live show has “genuine depth and striking authority” (Rolling Stone) making him “one of Britain’s best.” (The Times), while Jarrod Dickenson has a “remarkable voice that is as powerful as it is haunting, as evocative as it is memorable,” (Maverick). Tickets for Ford and Dickenson’s upcoming joint shows, during which each artist will also provide backing during the other’s set, are selling fast (one has already sold out), so don’t delay in getting yours now. Snooze = lose. Details of the gigs can be found further down the page (they’re gonna be amazing and you should totally come to them):

ford dickenson LEICESTER

Catch David Ford and Jarrod Dickenson (and come and say hello to us, we’ll be on the door/merch desk) at these venues:

Monday 24th February, Latest MusicBar, BRIGHTON. No tickets currently available

Wednesday 26th February, The Station, SUTTON COLDFIELD: SOLD OUT

Tuesday 4th March, The Donkey, LEICESTER. Tickets here.

Thursday 6th March, Caves, EDINBURGH. Tickets here.

Check out more of Alice’s work (she has a far wider portfolio than just tour posters) at the Owlstation website and follow her on Facebook too. She’s a good’un, is our Alice.