Rizzle Kicks live at Nottingham Rock City

Rizzle Kicks

Kirstie Newman checks out Brighton’s Rizzle Kicks in Nottingham for somethingyousaid.com:

I’ll admit, I’ve previously been one of those people that you curse at as you trip over a sleeping bag or as you stand in a half-eaten sandwich when you near the venue doors. This time though, I was the one cursing. Once in, strolling to the bar was a more relaxed entrance than my usual sprint for the front barrier, but the chilled vibe soon disappeared when I reluctantly paid almost £4 for a drink.

Catching the end of Thunderbird Gerard’s set; the crowd were bouncing, waving their arms and even singing along but everything changed when Bang Bang Bang took to the stage.

Singing her sugar pop originals as well as a cover of Madonna’s Material Girl, frontwomen Natalie Chahal provided an 80s movie soundtrack vibe, not something the crowd seemed to enjoy. During the set I could have counted how many people were clapping on my hands – if I hadn’t been one of the ones clapping.

Starting their set with That’s Classic, Rizzle Kicks were full of energy from the get go. Performing new tracks from Roaring 20s as well as the hits from Stereo Typical, everybody was singing and dancing. Well, everybody except the crowd around us. Despite taking care when choosing our position within Rock City, we seemed to have chosen badly. The people around us didn’t even do the hump!

Slowing the set down to perform their “love” songs, they asked support act Natalie to join them for Me Around You. Natalie and Harley’s soft tones matched perfectly making Jordan feel like a third wheel. Picking up the pace again with Rainy Day and Jive, Jordan revealed he was going to play us his favourite song. Talk Dirty then exploded out of the speakers while Jordan danced, jumped and ran around like an excited little boy.

Ending the set on Mama Do The Hump, all of the crowd – with the exception of the people around us – joined in with the infamous dance.

Not long after starting their own chant by whispering ‘Rizzle Kicks’ down the mic from backstage. Their band beckoned the duo back with Blur’s Song 2 before eventually finishing their set with crowd pleaser, Down With The Trumpets.

You can still catch all three acts on tour, so head to Bang Bang Bang’s facebook to get a free download before you go.

Kirstie Newman


Rizzle Kicks live review by Kirstie Newman