Nick Mulvey, Cucurucu – Music video

Why do I find such pleasure in repetition? The chorus of Nick Mulvey’s new song is so delightfully singalongable as he churps the title line ‘cu-cu-ur-u’, especially after I have envountered a 24-hour flight and am feeling all wrong inside. The track feels nice. Go on, try it. Anyway, more about the creator of this pleasantness – Nick Mulvey, a relocated Brit put himself through guitar school in Cuba, impressing all ears at that early musical stage with his interesting ability in fingerpicking notes on his guitar with irregular timings, making really nice, interesting sounds.

Not unlike Alt-J – indeed Mulvey admirably quotes some of Nick’s Portico lyrics on their debut album – the sound is inviting and relaxed, and that chorus line of Cucurucu demands future listens as that line will be stuck in your head. The track is a modern day interpretation of DH Lawrence’s poem, Piano, recreated for new listeners with Mulvey’s luscious voice and top-notch musical ability.

‘Cucurucu’ is taken from Mulvey’s debut LP, titled ‘First Mind’, which is set to be released on May 9 through Caroline / Fiction Records. Keep your eye on all of the musician’s movements until then via the Nick Mulvey Facebook page



Words by Carol Bowditch.