The 1975 live in Birmingham

the 1975 live

Joining the ever-growing line that caused inconvenience across multiple Birmingham pavements, I waited patiently for The 1975.

Okay I didn’t wait patiently. It was a really long queue, it was freezing cold and I had three ticket sellers per minute asking me if I had or wanted any spare tickets. What’s the deal with those guys anyway? They have about 10+ tickets in their hand and are willing to buy more for above face value.

After risking frost bite for a good half-hour I made it in to the 02 Academy to see the first of the support acts, Wolf Alice, leave the stage. Up next were The Neighbourhood. 1975 frontman Matthew Healy and the band supported these when touring in America last year and so they returned the favour back in the UK. With a lot of hype before they appeared on stage, the crowd packed in as the guitars erupted.

Next up was the main attraction. The infamous drum beat of The City started up as members of the crowd who couldn’t see squeezed into every space possible. Now I understand that we can’t all be organised in height order as we enter the venue but if you are tall don’t stand in front of a small person! Fun Fact: people don’t make very good windows. Also, don’t push through the crowd pretending you are looking for a friend and then stop when you have a good view. We all know your game and we all think you’re a dick.

Taking a break from singing to spiel off the usual “You’re the best crowd” crap that everyone says, Matty also looked overwhelmed while announcing that this venue was the biggest show so far, outside of London. From 14-year-old girls to late-20’s males, there was a wide range of people in the audience, hanging on every line the Manchester band sung.

Starting the set on hit The City, and ending on the loved tune Girls, the set didn’t disappoint. The band also performed many tracks from their debut album, including M.O.N.E.Y, She Way Out, Heart Out and Settle Down. Missing two of their biggest hits, the crowd knew it wasn’t yet over and started the chant for them almost immediately.

Starting the encore set with Robbers, the quartet’s sound filled the 02 Academy once again. Following with the infamous Chocolate, everyone had their phones in the air to record the end of the set. Noticing this, Matty ordered everyone to put them away and to just simply enjoy the music. Despite the power an artist has on stage, it didn’t stop some people.

After singing the final line, “They’ve all got boyfriends anyway,” Matty jumped from his small podium, taking the T-Shirt of his back and swinging it into the crowd. The rest of the band followed suit, throwing their drum sticks and guitar picks as they left the stage.

You can catch The 1975 at Reading and Leeds Festivals this summer.

Kirstie Newman


The 1975 live review by Kirstie Newman