Babaganouj interview – Getting to Know

getting to know Babaganouj

Brisbane-based Babaganouj’s new single brings together fuzzy lo-fi guitars, romantic vocal harmonies, a good dose of 90’s influences, and a dash of the 80’s, all mixed up to make a completely loveable non-love song. We have a chat to them to find out more:

Babaganouj are a rly cute 4-piece from Brisbane who are inspired by 80s/90s Aussie power-pop/pub-rock. It’s also the name of a tasty dip and the name of a song by Sydney band Smudge.

Too Late For Love is our new single which is on our soon-to-be-released 7inch. It’s very pretty and features wonderful artwork by our friend Heidi, so you should buy it from our webstore ( for those playing at home).

Our upcoming tour will be our first tour in ages and heaps of fun. It’ll be a chance to play with a lot of great bands we haven’t met before. I’m really excited to watch Ruby break down in tears when we play with The Spazzys in Melbourne, because she’s dreamed of playing with them for about a decade.

We spend too much time playing songs that aren’t ours. Charles’ll start joking around with some lame/awesome Wolfmother riff and we’ll end up playing the whole thing twice through and trying to get the solo right. Another favourite is ‘Slide’ by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Brisbane is the best, it baffles me how many people move down South. Apparently the coffee is better there and it’s flat so you can ride your fixie without being a trained Olympian, and they also have a thing called a ‘laneway’. Charles actually wrote a song about it a few years ago, maybe we’ll bring it back once we get the acoustic guitar working properly.

It might surprise people to learn that Babaganouj started 3 years ago! We were originally a 3 piece, and then after some line up changes we settled on the current line up which will no doubt go down in history as our ‘golden era’. That is until Charles gets addicted to cocaine and cucumbers, bleaches his hair, and kicks everyone out of the band and replaces us all with session musicians.

In the future I hope there will be robot dogs who can live forever, but they will never be as cute as real dogs! I also hope that in the future that you, dear reader, can come to one of our shows on our upcoming tour this March, because I reckon it’ll be pretty good.

March 14 – Public Bar, Melbourne w/ The Spazzys, Velcro
March 16 – The Tote, Melbourne w/ The Good Morrows, Skyways Are Highways
March 21 – World Bar, Sydney w/ Chicks Who Love Guns, The Cathys
March 22 – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney w/ Bell Weather Department, A.D.K.O.B
March 28 – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane w/ The Good Sports, Love Signs



Babaganouj interview by Bobby Townsend.