Holiday Sidewinder, Carousel

We go way back with Holiday Sidewinder. We first chanced upon her in 2006, wearing a cat mask and sashaying around a stage as the sassy, mesmerising frontwoman of Sydney-based five-piece Bridezilla. She totally owned the room. She was fifteen-years-old.

Fast forward a bunch of years – during which we saw countless Bridezilla gigs – and we were there to catch Holiday perform her sold-out debut solo London show at the back end of 2013. Her delicious performance showcased a poppy, jazzy sound which nodded to influences from the past such as Dolly Parton, while also pointing firmly towards a bright future for the Australian.

Having seen her grow from a brown-haired, robot dancing teen playing in Sydney venues she was not old enough to frequent, to a sultry blonde bombshell in her early twenties selling out London shows, we’re thrilled to bring you her debut single. Unleashed this week, it’s called Carousel and you can check it out above.

A full-length album will follow later this year. Holiday sneakily let us listen to a few of her other tracks a while ago and, hot damn, they made us VERY EXCITED for an album. For now though, we’re happy to spin the excellent Carousel on repeat while we await more live shows and her debut longplayer.

Have a listen above and, if you fall in love, then keep up to date with Holiday on Facebook.



Words by Bobby Townsend.