Around the World in Eighty Whites

_MG_7962’s Carol Bowditch gets her wine on:

Being the sort of person that frequents less tasteful establishments, and might utter to a friend, ‘oh, I wouldn’t put your bag down there, I’m having trouble prying my shoe from the ground‘, you can imagine my wide-eyed excitement and curiosity about visiting The Ivy in Sydney for the Around The World in Eighty Whites showcase – another of the March into Merivale parties that are taking place within its grand black and white decorated rooms.

Always early to arrive, I wandered the Terrace and Den rooms awkwardly as international wine purveyors settled my atmosphere-related nerves with mouthfuls of glorious drops. As the room filled I joined the head Merivale Sommelier,  Franck Moreau as he took a party around the rooms describing the different characteristics of wines from the 80 that he had selected from various countries. I was surprised that Japan made such a lovely tipple. The always charming folk of New Zealand had a handful of impressive samples that I also enjoyed. The lone crimson-tinged vino from France was a tall poppy among the whites, an excellent tasting glass.

After sampling a dozen or so inviting, adjective-ridden drops, I lined my stomach with morsels from the incredible cheese spread that had luxurious silky goats cheese and a wheel of brie the size of my head. It was a glorious evening filled with lovely international wine, interesting patrons circulating in a non-sticky-floored environment that I could easily get used to.

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You can experience delectable offerings courtesy of Merivale at The Ivy and other great establishments (like Establishment, ho ho) as the March Into Merivale festival continues in Sydney through to April 11. See the Merivale website for more details or simply take a gander at what went down at The Ivy at the Around The World In Eighty Whites evening below.



Words by Carol Bowditch