The War on Drugs, Lost In The Dream

the war on drugs

The War on Drugs, the Philadelphia-based project of the talented Adam Granduciel, have just released their third full-length album. Released via the wonderfully savvy folk at Inertia Records, it’s called Lost in the Dream, and the title cleverly captures the experience of listening to it.

Right from the ambitious and stunning nine-minute opener “Under the Pressure”, Granduciel takes things up a notch from the understated, gently-stroking purrs of Slave Ambient and Future Weather. It’s as though he’s leapt up and flung the curtains open to let new bars of light in.

Lost in the Dream leaks nostalgia from its corners like a milk carton of love and longing. Brooding yet hopeful piano melodies ebb in and out, creating ladders that invite us back to the soaring feeling that you get in your chest as a child on night-time car journeys under starry skies. Just listen to “Red Eyes”, and you’ll remember what I mean.

Lost in the Dream is out on Inertia Records now.

Chloe Mayne


Review by Chloe Mayne