Lyla Foy album review, Mirrors In The Sky

lyla foy album review

You may have heard of London songwriter/producer Lyla Foy under the WALL moniker. Well, now she’s unleashed her debut longplayer and it’s well worth a listen, as Joe Haddow explains: 

If the haunting style of Lorde and Haim is becoming more popular, then there should be space in the airways for Lyla Foy. Mirrors In The Sky is a beautiful collection of soft and simple songs which will take even the busiest commuter off to their own serene world.

Her voice is subtle, singing the words as though she has a secret she wants to tell us and it’s really quite enchanting. Rumour is a beautiful track which creeps out of the speakers like shadow in the night, Easy, with its relatively heavy percussion and harmonies, would not sound out of place on the next Pierces album, whereas No Secrets is reminiscent of a Washed Out tune (without the electronics).

Listening, as I often do, on my rather enormous headphones, blocking out the world around me, I closed my eyes and imagined lying in a hammock on a sunny summer’s evening, just as the sun is going down. If you can picture that, you’ve got an idea of what this album sounds like. My favourite track has to be the opener Honeymoon which hooked me in straight away, leaving me feeling rather fragile. Any album that can do that from the first track is alright by me.

This is a little gem of a record, intense but gentle, passionate but relaxing. I think Lyla will be slipping in to our consciousness sooner or later.

Lyla Foy is touring the US and Europe over the next few months (including a turn at The Great Escape). Check out her dates on Facebook.

Joe Haddow


Lyla Foy album review by Joe Haddow.