Interview: UK-based artist SNUB23

Snub 1

In his first interview of 2014, renowned UK-based artist SNUB23 speaks to’s 25ThC about himself, his work and the future:

Who are you?
I’m still trying to work that out myself, if I think about it too hard I start to grind my teeth. I’m a full-time artist working under the alias SNUB. I used to be a pixel pusher, designing graphics for other people while keeping my sketches private. But after meeting like minded creatives when I moved to Brighton and turning my sketches into stencils it all changed. Now I’m mostly SNUB, he’s his own boss, answers to no-one and has a limited vocabulary. A runaway bulldozer with no brakes.

What’s your work like?
As I’ve developed my work I’ve learnt more skills and techniques. So now I work in many mediums; sketches, vectors, stickers, stencils, freehand spray, etching and sculpture. What I create is mostly based around ‘Mongrel’ a character from the ABC Warriors (a strip from the comic 2000ad). But I’m always pushing in different directions both with my designs and my methods. I’m currently experimenting on wood, metal and circuit boards, using various weapons to leave my mark. The attitude has alway stayed the same though; SNUB means to ‘disagree and ignore’, I’ll just keep doing what I like, the way I like it.

How do you work?
It starts with thinking and finding really. I listen to plenty of different music and watch way too many movies, they all stir up ideas. I also find materials wherever I go, I prefer to work on used surfaces. So whenever I’m out, I’m on the lookout for something to turn into something I can paint on. This is for a few reasons, not just because it’s free, mostly because I love the textures and colours of aged metal or flaked paint on wood, some of these effects I enhance and manipulate back at my studio. Then bully them into a shape and frame them ready. This also makes each piece unique. Meanwhile I sketch plenty, some days better than others but eventually I gather enough ideas to make into something. Sometimes the materials lend themselves to a certain techniques, there’s a lot of staring at the blank canvas before anything happens. Once I’ve committed to start it’s usually non stop until it’s finished, I’m just as keen to see it finished as everyone else. I’m a big kid in a robot body, I am never bored.

Where are you going?
Physically I’m doing a few things in the UK as far as I know, but it is early in the year. With my work, I’m currently having a growth spurt I think. Everything is evolving at once, I’m really enjoying sketching which is having an effect on my painting. I’ve hoarded away loads of materials to create with and have a handful of unseen projects in progress. Each using different techniques and skills, I’m hoping these will all culminate into a body of work that mixes them all.

What are you working on currently?
Recently my sketching has become more organic, with human elements becoming more involved. This has taken my designs in a new direction, I have a whole heap of 3D pieces in progress as well as large canvas work. Then plans for various events this summer. From decor for a few festivals and live painting at others. I painted some walls for a feature film and a TV show recently, they’ll be released this year. I’m also working on some interesting collaborative ideas with fellow artists. Plenty to look forward too.

Paint and Beer sponsorship, really?
I do realise it’s a major benefit. Although it’s not ‘luck’ as many have suggested. Both KOBRA and DARKSTAR are products I consume anyway. I’ve built up a good friendship with both of them and we work together to spread the word of Italy’s finest paint and the UK’s mightiest craft beer. There are no contracts, no hassles. Just a mutual understanding.

For more info, head to WWW.SNUB23.COM



Interview by 25ThC