MBFW Australia 2014: model casting

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If you’ve noticed that Sydney is currently awash with intimidatingly tall and insanely beautiful people, it’s because Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia gets underway tomorrow. We’ll be covering plenty of the goings-on, so stay tuned. To get us in the mood, model and Something You Said contributor Noni Cragg took her camera along when casting and chatted to a cross-section of the talent you might be seeing over the next few days:

Nicolas (Nic) Pestalozzi
Nic is all about sweet vibes and good times. He is looking forward to hanging out and checking out the Fashion Week parties. Nic had his first taste of Fashion Week last year and looks forward to the Emma Mullholland and Desert Designs shows this year in particular. He will be grooving along between shows listening to some Dark Hypno, Techno, House and some banging dance music. When he isn’t studying Business at UTS he is DJing on the weekends or taking time out to go bushwalking. He also enjoys commuting around on his road bike.

Kev – 22
The Wolves
First-timer Kev loves his music; he digs listening to Lightning Hopkins and Muddy Waters plus local talent DMA’s, The Strange, Spirals and Little Bastard. Kev also plays in his own band “Deep Creek” – It’s Blues, Psych and a little bit grungy. “We’re not reinventing the wheel – Just having some fun,” explains Kev.

Atong – 22
The Wolves
Atong is very excited to check out all the shows at Fashion Week this year in particular Phoenix Keating and Desert Designs. Between shows she will be chilling, listening to Erykah Badu, Nina Simone and Billy Holiday. Atong is a pretty amazing artist who does her best to exhibit as much as she can, as well as a journalist who writes as much as possible also. If you would like to find a way to this gorgeous woman’s heart, she is a mixtape connoisseur!

Marcus – 18
This is Marcus’ first time experiencing fashion week and all the craziness that comes with it. At the moment his favourite tunes to listen to include Lana Del Rey, Active Child and Absentia. Marcus is a big animal lover and enjoys skateboarding and gaming in his spare time.

MBFW Olivia Ollie Henderson

Olivia Henderson – 23
Ollie, a seasoned babe of the catwalk, finds Fashion Week in Australia is a great chance to catch up with everyone in the Australian Fashion Industry as she is mostly based in NYC. She knows all too well the pressures and irritating aspects of Fashion Week, like being constantly touched and tugged at, having walked in four previous Australian Fashion Weeks. She has an ultimate chill playlist lined up for her time at Fashion Week this year, which includes Blood Orange Mac DeMarco, Marvin Pontiac and Ariel Pink. Ollie is one talented chick with multiple talents and interests; she is an Artist working mostly in visual mixed media, painting, sculpture and video. She also plays in her band Tank Twin with fellow model babe Alys Hale and friends Cal and Kitty Callaghan. Also, keep your eyes peeled this fashion week as Ollie will be kicking off her new project START THE RIOT, which aims to create political awareness in young Australians.

Shenay Carey – 20
Shenay is most looking forward to all the free food at Fashion Week but is dreading the inevitable blisters from the gnarly high heels. Despite the blisters, she reckons Fashion Week should be lots of fun and will be vibing on sweet tunes from The Growlers and Beach House. When Shenay isn’t modelling she spends her time as a pool lifeguard, going to the beach and dancing on the weekends.

Elfy Scott – 21
Elfy hasn’t walked in Fashion Week before and isn’t really sure what to expect but she is excited to give it a go! She will be nodding her head like “Yes Yes Yes, this rocks.” And then sometimes she will switch it up like. “No, No, No! Don’t stop-a-rockin’!” while she’s listening to Ty Segall and Bad Brains. Elfy is one of Something You Said’s own regular contributors as well as a writer for Sneaky Mag. You can also find her singing in her own garage punk rock band, Angry Beige.

Chris Rutt – 28
Chris isn’t too fazed about Fashion Week this year, having participated in previous ones, although every year is a new experience and he is excited about that. Chris enjoys listening to Led Zepplin, Killswitch Engage and Meek Mill. He is also an avid reader enjoying to works of French Enlightenment writer Voltaire and Joseph Conrad.


Loz (Lawrence) Macrow-Cain – 21
This year is Loz’s first year dipping his toes into the Fashion Week pool of crazy. He is a little apprehensive about people dressing him/touching him that aren’t his sweetie, Shenay. He will be jamming out between shows to the sounds of The Growlers, Wax Witches and Cro-Mags. When Loz isn’t strutting his stuff he is surfing tasty waves, taking pictures, skating and playing heaps of video games – what a closet nerd.

Ambroze – 22
Ambroze has come to Australia fresh off the Paris Fashion Week catwalk. He is a super positive and polite young man; although he is seeking to improve his English you can’t miss his cheeky humour and good vibe. He had fun in Paris and aims to have the same experience at MBFWA although he just asks one thing of the Fashion Industry – “Don’t cut my hair!” At the moment he is modelling internationally, looking for new experiences and having fun!

Celia Jones – 19
Celia has been in modelling full-time in NYC and Europe having just come back to Australia to establish herself at home with Chadwicks. She has gained a lot of experience in her time away walking in NYC and Milan Fashion Week. Celia is excited for Fashion Week and all its little bonuses like free champagne but is worried about not getting enough sleep, a common issue for everyone involved in Fashion Week. Tunes to get Celia through include Tom Waits and Cat Empire. When Celia does have down-time, she enjoys reading, spending time with her cutie of a better half and cooking.

Sam Callaghan – 21
The Wolves
This is Sam’s first year giving Fashion Week a crack. He is currently working in Online Customer Service for a Music Publisher and enjoys playing soccer and drawing in his spare time. He is quite the handyman too but also enjoying chilling to good tunes like Mac DeMarco, War On Drugs, Kurt Vile and Beck.


Grace Garrett – 24
Freelance Model
Grace is familiar with all the demands and pressures of Fashion Week as well as the massive amount of waiting around a model has to do during this time, having walked in three previous Australian Fashion Weeks, but is still keen to meet new people and have a good time. Luckily she will have The Shins to listen to in order to get through the boring aspects of Fashion Week. When Grace isn’t modelling she is studying Interior Design at Enmore, listening to tunes and bike riding.

For all your Mercedes Benz Fashion Week info, head to the official MBFW website.

Noni Cragg


Words and photographs by Noni Cragg.