Why Easter is my favourite holiday

Broken Chocolate Easter Egg

Easter is Kirstie Newman’s favourite holiday. For multiple reasons. Mainly because of the chocolate though:

Reason one: It symbolises the end of Lent. Not that I regularly give up anything. Although I once gave up chocolate and then had pancakes three days later and had them with Nutella, so that failed. But for those who do give up something they enjoy, with Easter comes that good thing again.

Reason two: Presents are always good. And presents in the form of food are great, but presents in the form of chocolate are the best. Sometimes you even get a new mug or something equally exciting with your Easter egg! A new mug! What more could you want?!

Reason three: It’s far away from Christmas. Being born on New Year’s Eve has its drawbacks. One being that it’s super close to Christmas. This sucks because I have to wait all year to celebrate and both come and go at once.

Reason four: Easter eggs are dead cheap, and they’re on sale from the moment Valentine’s Day ends. For a poor student who loves chocolate, the seasonal goods aisle is where it’s at. For the last month, my chocolate habit has been fuelled by reduced Valentine’s chocolate and Easter eggs. I plan to continue this trend until early May, where I will then sit and wait for the reduced Christmas chocolate to hit the shelves again.

Chocolate is definitely the way to my heart, boys.

Kirstie Newman


Words by Kirstie Newman.