Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia – Day 2


An annoyingly-scheduled university lecture meant I regrettably had to forgo seeing the gorgeous pastel drapery featured within Michael Lo Sordo’s show, meaning my first runway show of the day was Cameo. This was a label whose output I would usually file under ‘club garb’ having seen the fast-fashion cuts and modern prints previously circulating down Oxford Street on girls pacing like newborn giraffes in gigantic shoes at 3am. However, the range was surprisingly fresh, not overly innovative, but, had clean, simple lines and subtle prints – I would definitely wear the floral bomber jacket, and neoprene flouted miniskirt. You have redeemed yourself, Cameo.

After waiting for a significant amount of time (during which I watched girls worry about their hair fuzzing in the light sprinkle of rain) it was the Maticevski show. In a move which made all the bloggers that were not of Tuula proportions feel quite unwelcome and inadequate, dozens of us lowly internet writers were sectioned off to one side of the arena, peeping over each other’s shoulders. We’d watch from our darkened corner those seated in the maze-like runway setup, digging through goodie bags and taking selfies.

DSCN5546Despite the over-ticketing issue, the show was incredible. Tony Maticevski has an outstanding approach to making women’s wear for the modern lady.  In this collection he fused his signature take on elegant garments that ooze femininity with a touch of boyish punk. Executed through use of sporty shapes and fabrics paired with full circle skirts, well tailored trousers and a heavy-handed use of sparkle.

The highlight was the finale walk, where models paraded with orchard arrangements placed between gritted teeth, the silhouettes of the garments were complimented by the structures of the floral blooms and it was all very Instagram-worthy.

In a change of pace after the serious, atmospheric Maticevski feature was the group swimwear show. I spotted a smug rotund figure being interviewed pre-show in the form of Kyle Sandilands. He was there to leer over his svelte girlfriend, Imogen Anthony, who was walking in the show. The finale walk of the Bondi Bather‘s feature had Kyle’s gf walking in an ensemble made of… sand. Yes, SAND from the beach – A BIKINI MADE OF SAND (see below). Obvs revolted that he would find sand in ‘the worst of places’ soon after, Kyle Sandy-lands made a quick exit moments after she left a trail of her ‘swimming costume’ on the runway. DSCN5624

Anyway, back to the show… I like the trend of longer sleeves and rash shirts in swimwear ranges at the moment. Zimmermann trail-blazed with their one-piece number last year and it seems that the trend has stuck. With the lengthy cut coloured with beach inspired patterns featured in several swimwear looks in the Bondi Bather’s collection.

Carena West‘s range was littered with pretty, girly prints and great cut-outs. Top points to the designer for the silver, floaty crop top. Although I’m not sure how conservative the wearer would remain while frolicking in the surf.

You know what makes a room of (mostly) women squeal after looking at (mostly) women all day? Male models! Cleonie and Surface Too Deep walked handsome men wearing patterned briefs and nervous smiles down the runway to the room’s delight. The rest of Surface Too Deep‘s range was outstanding – a 70’s inspired affair with a sepia colour pallete, high-waisted suits, cute ruffles detailing pieces and excellent workmanship on balcony bras. The shapes of Cleonie‘s garments were also great. I liked the scalloped edges of the black two-pieces and the high neck cuts that mightn’t suit all frames but looked excellent, paraded down the runway.

My only gripe with this show, which is probably a reflection of my virgin runway experience, was that unlike at N.L.P., where the designers had opted for thicker models for their swimwear, some girls walking in this collaborative show lacked the curves needed to fill quite a few of the garments. I’m all for models not distracting from the clothing but if a bikini top is sagging under its own weight the look is definitely not appealing.

I ended the evening dancing alone to bad 80’s prom music under reflections of an enormous pink disco ball. This was after I had tried and failed to make it into the Romance Was Born show, which was absent of models and a runway, and was really just a party with excellent decorations. So I went home, exhausted from another full on day of fashun-observing, to dream of sparkles and those male models…

Review by Carol Bowditch. See more photos of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on the Something You Said Facebook, and read the review of Day One, here